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Do you have old photos that you would like retouched, repaired, and reprinted?  Or would you like extra copies of special family photos either restored or copied for other family members?  Al Ruscelli Photography can provide those services for you. 

We digitally retouch and restore old or damaged photos and provide restoration and retouching services for other photographic images, including newer photos of your own that you are just unhappy with or want changes made to.  We can work with film-based photographs, digital images, or photos for which there is no existing negative or digital file -- as long as there is a print available from which we can do our restoration work.  And if you have an old negative or slide, we can work from that, too.  We can restore or retouch old photos both small and large and create a new digital file to print the images at nearly any desired size.  We do not alter your original photo in any way, but create a digital copy of the original and use that copy to produce a restored and revitalized new image. 

Examples of what we can restore, retouch, and repair include photos with water damage, spots or stains, scratches, creases, tears, bends, fading, overexposure, underexposure, bad coloration of photographs, removal of undesired objects from photos, conversion from color to black and white photos, combining people or objects from multiple photos, cropping of images, redeye removal, removing skin blemishes or shadows under eyes, fixing hair out of place, fixing shiny "hot spots" on skin, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, creating art from photos, printing on canvas or art paper, sepia toning.  We can also work with your digital photo "problem" images. 

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Examples and More Info on Photo Restoration and Retouching

With prices starting as low as $25, we can restore, repair, and retouch most images to correct anything from very minor to major photo problems. Water damage, spots, scratches, tears, creases, bent photos, fading due to age, underexposed or overexposed photos -- all are candidates for digital retouching and restoration. 

Charges for photo restoration are based on an hourly rate, but estimates are given for any image or group of images once we see how much work must be done for any given restoration.  Samples, below, can be used to see how much we typically charge for various levels of damage and required fixes.  We are capable of performing retouching with digital delivery to our customer (with the customer free to choose their own print service), retouching and printing new prints for the customer, or delivering both a final digital file and a new print to the customer.  Final delivery prices will vary, depending on which option the customer chooses. 

The overall restoration process involves either meeting with the customer in person to assess photos for restoration or initiating the process via phone or e-mail.  Actual work process involves digitizing the image(s) for restoration work, performing the actual digital restoration, finalizing the image for delivery via CD (or e-mail, depending on the circumstances), making any desired prints, and final delivery of images to the customer (including original submitted photos, photo CD, and new prints, as applicable).  Even the most simple of restorations or retouching jobs will typically require all of the above actions to some degree. 

Scanning services are also available for restoration of old slides or negatives (odd sized negatives are acceptable for scanning and printing new prints).


Minor Restoration

Generally requires adjustments for levels of brightness, contrast, or color. May include minor touchups for spots and very light scratches. May require minor cropping for printing at a standard size for modern photos if the photo is a nonstandard size. Minor restorations may be as simple as redeye removal or or may include a variety of other combined actions to be taken.  (Prices start at $25-$50.)

Minor photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for fairly heaving fading, some specs/spots on image, and enhanced for clarity.


Minor photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for moderate color fading and mage enhanced for color and clarity. 


Minor photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for moderate fading of color, light scratches, spots/specs, and image enhanced for color and clarity. 


Mid-Range Photo Restoration

May require fixing of torn edges (as long as torn portions do not go through faces or other hard-to-fix, complex visual areas of any photo).  Usually requires quite a bit of spot touch ups for specs, spots, scratches, or stains. May require significant digital adjustments to correct heavy fading or underexposure/overexposure of the original photograph.  (Prices $50-$100, depending on severity of damage and overall time needed to fix.)

Mid-range photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Torn photo, treated for some fading and scratches, lots of spots/specs, image enhanced and finalized with existing tint and additionally converted to clear black and white image for more than one choice on final output (either the slightly colored B&W image or a pure B&W look). 


Mid-range photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for faded color, minor scratches, lots of spots/specs, and foreign substance on image surface.  Color and contrast enhanced, and black and white version created for more than one printed choice to go with revitalized color version. 

Mid-range photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for heavy fading and discoloration of color image, lots of spots/specs, and scratches on a poorly focused original image.   Defects fixed and overall image enhanced for much improvement over original. 

Mid-range photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for moderate fading and discoloration, fairly heavy spots and specs, torn and separated photo surface.  Redone as straight black and white image. 

Mid-range photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for fairly heavy fading of black and white image, lots of loss of detail, many spots and specs.

Mid-range photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for heavy fading of image and total loss of detail in much of the overall image area as well as lots of spots and specs. 

Mid-range photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Heavily overexposed original image, lots of dust, spots and specs, some scratches, crooked composition on original.  Fixes made and image straightened. 


Major Restoration

Usually requires dealing with heavy scratches, cracks, or tears in the photo.  May require fixes for heaving staining from foreign substances or heaving fading in portions of (or throughout) the photo.  May require significant cropping for areas that cannot be restored.  (Prices $100 and up, depending on severity of damage and time needed to fix.)

Heavy photo restoration by Al Ruscelli Photography
Treated for discoloration, spot/specs, scratches, creases, surface separation and tears, and overall grainy appearance. 


Extreme Restoration

Dealt with only on a case-by-case basis.  Usually requires dealing with very heavy scratches, cracks, an tears in the photo, as well as separation of photo paper layers.  May require fixes for very heaving staining or heaving fading in portions of (or throughout) the photo.  Could require significant cropping for areas that cannot be restored. 

Contact us for details. 

Combining Separate Photo Images into One Photo
(Our Turtle and Tortoise Series)

In some cases, it is desirable to combine parts of several images into one image.  Here are some examples, including the separate images that were used to create the final resulting image.  We use the same concepts and abilities that are used in photo restoration to combine the images shown below. 

The Turtle Artist

The Turtle Artist concept was my response to some controversy in the herpetology world created by people using turtles to create art. That is, they spread paint on art paper and make the turtles walk through the paint over and over again to create turtle art pieces (although the beneficiaries of that turtle art are turtle and tortoise rescue organizations). I created a different perspective on turtle art that I expressed with a slightly satirical approach, driven by the "paintings by turtles" controversy. The Turtle Artist image was made from seven other images combined, plus some cartoon speech bubbles and a bit of color work for the beret. The final image, below, may be enlarged to view at full size. 

Click Here to Enlarge this Image -- Turtle and Tortoise Art, Copyright Al Ruscelli



The Turtle Dog
(Or Turtle Dane or Diamond Back Terrier)

Click Here to Enlarge this Image -- Turtle and Tortoise Art, Copyright Al Ruscelli


The Cavalier King Charles Sulcata
(Or, the African Spurred Spaniel)

Click Here to Enlarge this Image -- Turtle and Tortoise Art, Copyright Al Ruscelli


Another Version of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/African Spurred Tortoise Combination

Click Here to Enlarge this Image -- Turtle and Tortoise Art, Copyright Al Ruscelli


Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindog
(Or, the Gingerdog House)

This Christmas/holiday card image was created by combining a series of other images.



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